We do things differently at Scott Chiropractic and Wellness
Clinic. We don't ask you for thousands of dollars upfront AND
bill your insurance. We don't lure you in on specials and low cost
and make you sign a contract of care. We don't skimp on your
care and try to save money by not doing very necessary x-rays
and therapies. However, we do establish a plan of care to get the
patient better but no contracts are required and we allow a "pay
as you go for care" model and if you have insurance, we file that
for you too. We treat children under 6 years of age for FREE as
long as a parent is a patient. We believe in a minimal wait time
and we treat you like family and like how we would want to be
treated. We always x-ray so that we know exactly where
everything is in the spine so that we can better help the patient
and not guess about their health and safety. In 22 years in
practice, we have found cancers, tumors, and fractures that may
have otherwise been missed without x-ray. Remember, you get
what you pay for and if it sounds too good to be true, it usually
is. Come experience the difference. Call for an appointment or
free consultation. 664-5354.